The District of Columbia Bicycle Advisory Council (BAC) is a body established by law (DC Code sec. 50-1604) to advise the Mayor and District agencies on matters pertaining to bicycling in the District, and to make recommendations to the District’s Bicycle Coordinator on the budget and focus and implementation of the District’s Comprehensive Bicycle Transportation and Safety Program.

The BAC is composed of 18 members. Each member of the thirteen District of Columbia City Councilpersons appoints a citizen of the District to serve on the BAC. An additional five members of the BAC represent city agencies.

The Bicycle Advisory Council meets on the first Wednesday of odd numbered months. Meetings are held in room 1117 (subject to change) of One Judiciary Square (441 4th Street, NW) from 6 PM to 8 PM. All meetings are open to public.  Check with the chairperson, Meredith Begin, at mbegin.dcbac@gmail.com or (202) 449-0401 to confirm date and location. Members of the BAC may be contacted by email through the following website: https://dcbac.wordpress.com


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